Top Tips Needed To Become A Pro- Auditor

- A good work attitude with excellent discipline
- The ability to interpret figures and data
- Excellent with math's and have good IT skills
- Good spoken and written communication skills
- Strong analytical and problem-solving ability
- Good organizational and time management skills
- A high degree of accuracy and attention to detail
- The ability to work both independently and as part of team
- Have a good understanding of business
- Honesty and discretion, for dealing with sensitive business information

- External Auditor
As an external auditor, you would independently review a company's accounts to make sure they are accurate and show a fair view of its financial position. You might also audit public sector organizations such as civil service departments and local councils, to check how public money is being spent and to see if savings can be made. Most organizations are required by law to publish audited accounts.
- Internal Auditor
As an internal auditor, you would examine an organization or department’s polices, procedures and possibly its finances with a view to advising on how it could improve efficiency. You would often be an employee of the organization, or you might work for a specialist outsourced internal auditing service.