Liability of Agent and Principal

1) The rights of any agent are:
- To claim remuneration for services performed.
- To be indemnified by the principal for expenses incurred.
- To exercise lien over property owned by the principal.

2) Additionally where an agent is acting in a commercial capacity the regulations state that:
- The principal must provide the agent with all the necessary documentation required to perform their duties.
- The agent is entitled to notice of termination of the agreement, and compensation may be payable.
- Agreements in restraint of trade are only enforceable if they are in writing.

3) In return agents own their principals the following duties:
- To perform their duties in line with the instructions of the principal.
- To exercise due care and skill.
- To act in person.
- To be accountable for all transactions.
- To avoid a conflict of interests.
- Not to make a secret profit.
- Not to accept bribes.

4) An agent acting with no authority, actual or apparent, is liable for breach of warrant of authority, and in these circumstances the agent has personal responsibility for contractual relations entered into.